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Call Us Today At 918-438-8218

OCA Is Your Transactional Solution!

We Bring Over  35 Years of  Transactional Expertise At Your Side

Transactional Management

OCA Transactional Management provides the client with expertise in business sales and mergers and acquisitions with guidance in whatever areas you need.  Transactional Management can include transactional activities and planning prior to, during, and after the transaction.  OCA may interact and interface with the client, the management team, employees, attorneys, CPA’s, Lenders, Appraisers, Valuation Analysts, Allied Professionals, and other Third Parties.

The breadth and depth of management can be determined by the need and adjusted to be increased or decreased along the way.  The Transactional Management allows you to get the benefit of an expert without being committed to paying a full-scale intermediary (broker) fee based upon the transactional value.

As a result of being more integrally involved in the transaction OCA would likely have more input and recommendations for the client in order to produce more optimal results.

Optimizing the Success of a Transaction

Whether you are acquiring a business or merging with one it is critical to think in strategic terms regarding the various areas or elements within the organization(s).  Simply moving forward for the sake of expediency without having employed critical and thoughtful consideration of the impact of the new ownership or fold-in / tuck-in (merger) can produce far more unintended or unforeseen consequences than it otherwise might.

Being preemptive by knowing what to look for as “potential trouble spots” is quite beneficial and can save you a great deal of money and help assure a more seamless transition without jeopardizing efficiencies and causing disruptions in productivity.  OCA commonly refers to this as an Integration or Consolidation Strategy which OCA can assist with during Transactional Management.

What is the cost of the OCA Transactional Management?

OCA’s Transactional Management allows you to be selective in the services you receive and to limit the services you pay for rather than having a commission based fee on the sale value you receive at closing.  You can utilize the OCA Transactional Management as much or as little as you wish – so you control your costs.  Using the OCA Transactional Management allows you to get the expertise you need at affordable costs.  Call OCA to discuss your specific needs.

Below are only a few areas a buyer or seller may need help with from Transaction Management services:

  • Pricing the Business
  • Valuation Issues
  • Review of Financials
  • Recasting / Adjusting Financials
  • Questions to Get Answered
  • Tips To Help Sell the Business
  • Prepare a Market Offering
  • Drafting A Letter of Intent
  • Drafting an Offer to Purchase
  • Establishing Deal-Terms
  • Resolve an Impasse
  • Develop & Remove Sale Contingencies
  • Structure an Earnout
  • Review of Operational and Market Concerns
  • Growth Strategies
  • Due Diligence Items
  • Verification Process During Due Diligence
  • Drafting Contracts & Agreements
  • Standard Terms & Conditions
  • Creative Solutions to Difficult Issues
  • How to Prepare and Locate Funding
  • Preparing Acceptable Proformas
  • Coordinating Closing

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