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Oftentimes, the assumption is that the function and value a “broker” brings to the transaction is locating a buyer.  That presumption is simply not true.  That’s nothing more than a description of a “marriage broker”, that is, an ill-equipped broker introducing a buyer and seller and performing minimal services to actually manage the transaction to a successful closing.  With over 35 years of experience, OCA has observed many use the buyer and seller introduction model that rarely produces quality results.   As we have said for decades, “there are many in our industry, and far fewer in our profession.”

Successful transactions with favorable outcomes are the result of employing pre-emptive measures in a multitude of areas that will later impact the transaction, screen through and locate the “right buyer”, and then invest the dedicated time, resources, and expertise in managing a proven deal-flow process. 

A transaction may start with a buyer and seller, but deals do not happen in a vacuum.  Others will eventually become a part of the transaction, and they will have varying perspectives that can adjust, impact or even “kill the deal”.  Who are they?  Attorneys (each party), CPAs (each party), lenders and underwriters, the SBA, valuation analysts, machinery and equipment appraisers, real estate appraisers, landlords, employees or management teams, insurers, critical customers or vendors or suppliers, regulatory and licensing agents, etc. . . The list can be long, but the important matter is knowing how to anticipate the challenges that will or may arise, already have solutions prepared, and have experience and confidence to interface with all the parties involved while keeping the deal and momentum moving forward – – such micro-management, is the standard at OCA!

OCA is grateful for the opportunities to professionally represent Clients and help all the parties involved in transactions.  We serve our Clients and transactions with dedication, integrity and passion.  If we do not get the sense we will enjoy the people involved or the process, we decline the assignment (regardless of earning fees).

Below are a few “case studies” that offer some insight as to WHY intelligent Buyers and Sellers work with OCA, and WHY so many professionals refer their clients to OCA.

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