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Buying A Business

OCA offers three options to Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Individuals to help locate Sellers and buy their business.

Whether you utilize our newly launched OCA Deal Coach Package for Buyers,  have OCA represent you as a Buyer to target a business or industry that you wish to acquire, or simply opt to respond to OCA’s business listings that includes three tiers of listings, we can help you to maximize your business and personal goals.

With OCA Deal Coach Package for Buyers, we empower you with documents, forms, templates, insight and guidance on how you can buy your dream business and increase your probability of actually closing the dealYou will get professional help and insight, but without paying a full broker fee.  You will receive sample documents, agreements, editable forms and templates, exhibits, schedules, tips, guidance, video tutorials, and more!

With Full Buyer Representation, we guide you through the process to develop the strategy, execute and refine the target search, identify value drivers, navigate and negotiate the deal, and fund the acquisition to successfully close the deal!

Registered Buyers receive emails regarding current listings, industry insights, and market updates.

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Deal Coach Package For Buyers


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OCA Deal Coach Package for Buyers


What’s Included:

  • 35 years of Professional Industry Expertise!
  • Insight on Critical Mistakes Buyers Make
  • How To Work with Sellers & Their Advisors
  • How / Why Narrow Their Acquisition Interests
  • How To Locate Sellers and Interact Directly
  • How To Prepare For & Get Financing
  • Preparing for and Completing Due Diligence
  • Access to 25 Invaluable Deal Coach Videos
  • 30 (Editable) Forms, Tools, Agreements, Documents, Templates, Samples

Topics Include: Tips for the Buyer, Early-Stage Q&A to Screen Sale Opportunities, The Sale Process, How to “Do A Deal”, Offers, Letters of Intent, Disclosures, The Videos Address All Documents, and Much Much More!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been searching for a business to buy so how can you help me?

We’ve been helping Buyers and Sellers for over thirty-five years. We have seen and heard the multitude of unfortunate stories about Buyers searching endlessly – literally for years! Most never buy a business while some are successful and live the American Dream of business ownership. In the Deal Coach Buyer Package, we share the fifteen most common and critical mistakes Buyers make that contribute to their failure in buying a business. You will receive these in written format as well as access to a video discussing each of the areas. This one document and video access alone can increase your probability of success and be one of your wisest investments leading to your ability to buy a business.

I’m considering the Deal Coach path. What can you provide that will help me buy a business?

You will receive over twenty-five documents (most editable), schedules, agreements, templates, tips, and insight from the Ole’ Pro. Just to identify a few topics, the Deal Coach Buyer Package includes: Early Stage Screening, the Sale Process Outline, Letter of Intent (To Purchase), Offer To Purchase, Disclosures, Due Diligence and Worklist Items, and the Buyer’s Lending Packet (to guide you to get the funding you need), and many others. But Do Not focus on the documents – that is short-sighted! The real value of the Deal Coach Buyer Package is the access to approximately twenty-five videos that explain not only the documents, but also includes lots of rich tips and insight on their use and the art of deal-making. It’s like sitting in an informal coaching session with someone who offers guidance from over thirty-five years of experience.
Packaging, marketing, screening buyers, soliciting multiple offers, negotiating terms, preparing documents, schedules, agreements, contracts, constant communication and interacting with all the various advisors, and navigating the due diligence process becomes all-consuming. Having a professional allows the business owner to focus on operating the business while the sale process is underway. If the owner’s focus is diverted the performance of the business can decline and that will reduce buyers’ and lender’s interest and lower the offers being made (if any).

An ole’ adage is especially true for business sale transactions. “You don’t know, what you don’t know. And what you think you know, may not be so.” In other words, value is lost or gained at every step along the way. Without the professional, you may still complete a transaction, but you may have given up a great deal in value or in terms or conditions without realizing it until after the sale, or perhaps never. In such a case, then the other adage may prove true. “Ignorance is bliss.”

In summary, what does the Deal Coach Buyer Package do?

(i) You will receive documents (most are editable), agreements, tools, templates, schedules, and forms, and (ii) You will be empowered with access to approximately twenty-five educational and tutorial videos that provides valuable tips, information and insight from an expert deal-maker with over thirty-five years of experience, and (iii) You will be better informed so you can avoid making so many of the common and critical mistakes that Buyers make that causes their failure in acquiring a business, and (iv) You will increase your probability of success in acquiring a business, and (v) You will be better organized in your approach and streamlined in your process so you are more efficient with your time and resources.

What should I be asking myself about trying to buy a business by myself?

You should be asking yourself, “If so many try to buy a business and are not successful, then what is it they (or I) don’t know that causes the failure?” And further, “If I really want success in buying a business, shouldn’t I be willing to invest such a small amount to increase my probability of success and gain the insight of thirty-five years of experience?”

How long does it take to buy a business?

This is difficult to answer with any certainty because there are so many variables that impact the timeline. However, once the Buyer and Seller are engaged in meaningful discussions, generally speaking, and assuming all is well-prepared, and the stars align, most “mainstreet” businesses will close on the sale in three to six months. For larger or more complex transactions, it also varies. There are no two sale transactions that are the same. Just a few of the variables include: motivations of the parties, lending environment, price, terms, conditions, approvals, lease arrangements, SBA approvals, real estate issues, environmental concerns, employee retention issues, quality of the assets and the financials, what is included and excluded in the sale, the results of due diligence, the need to adjust any of the price or terms or conditions, the availability and access to the professionals involved, etc. . .

Do you provide anything that helps with making an offer on a business?

Yes! First, there is a business overview template that will assist with determining a value that you might want to consider offering on the business and how that value can be accepted and funded by lenders. Then you will also have editable forms for an Offer To Purchase and a Letter of Intent (To Purchase) that has been used for years and can most likely be used in your transaction. Each of the aforementioned is discussed in detail in the educational and tutorial videos you will have access to, including tips on how to present these to the Seller.

Do you provide anything that helps with due diligence?

Yes! You will receive an outline for due diligence along with a worklist of items that you as a Buyer will need to execute on so you are prepared for the purchase, and the operation of the business going forward. This is discussed in detail in the educational and tutorial video you will have access to.

I’m going to need funding for the purchase. Can you help with that?

Getting approved funding for a business acquisition is unlike other lending people are more accustomed to. So, yes! You will receive a Buyer lending packet. This will guide you on what you will need to get funded. The educational and tutorial video you will have access to discusses funding in great detail. You will learn which type of lenders to approach, how lenders will view the transaction and why, what the funding process is like and why, what the lenders look for, what common restrictions and contingencies lenders put in place and why, how to properly prepare your package to present to the lenders, and generally what to expect. If you need additional assistance getting funded for your business acquisition, you can contact our office to discuss your situation and to make certain we are a good fit for one another. Fees are based upon the assignment and project needs.

What size business is appropriate for the Deal Coach Buyer Package?

There is no particular “right size”. The Deal Coach Buyer Package materials, along with the educational and tutorial videos, can be used and applied whether you are acquiring a “mainstreet” business or a lower middle market company.

Can I convert from Deal Coach to full-service brokerage or consulting with you?

Generally, yes you can convert to full service or consulting. It would require some discussion and a meeting to make certain we are a good fit for one another. Fees are based upon the assignment and project needs.

Will my personal or business information be shared, sold, leased, or traded with any third parties?

Your information is used by us to provide you with the products and services described and offered. We may possibly contact you in the future if we have a have a sell-side client that might be of interest to you as a Buyer.

How will prospective sellers get in touch with me?

We will forward contact information of buyer prospects who have inquired about a business to the seller’s email on file. It will be up to the Seller to follow up and make contact with the prospective buyer.

How will I receive my Deal Coach documents?

They will be sent electronically to your email address on file.

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