Oklahoma Ranch with Lodge For Sale – Complete Turn-Key Includes Everything!

120 Acres, Lodge & Furnishings, Large Insulated Barn 3-4 Acre Pond/Lake m/l, Livestock and Exotics, Equipment

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This Oklahoma ranch property is filled with rarely found exotic wildlife and massive whitetail deerThe purchase of this “once in a lifetime” property can be for personal interests only, or it can be operated as an income producing property.  This ranch allows for family or friends to fish from its private stocked pond/lake while also offering sports enthusiasts opportunity to hunt spectacular exotics, large whitetail deer, or hogs.  And if there is a hunt, do not be concerned – there is an on-site cooler in the large storage facility.  If you own a business, what better way to reward or encourage management teams or customers to be energized and loyal than to treat them with “time at the ranch”!

The Ranch is zoned agricultural.  Priced at only $10,000 / acre the property comes complete with: 3-4 acre m/l pond/lake, 8’ perimeter welded-wire fencing around the entire property, a four bedroom and two bath lodge fully furnished, all quality fixtures and appliances, washer and dryer, central air and a heat pump, large screen tv, internet, utilities, kitchen equipment and plateware, a 2,400 sq. ft. insulated barn with two hoists and a walk-in cooler, Polaris (ATV), livestock trailer, tractor, brush hog, backhoe attachment, feeders, blinds, all breeding stock (including the exotics), and the transfer of a commercial hunting license if interested.  Everything you need to operate or maintain the ranch is included.

The  whitetail deer are bred from some of the most outstanding genetics in the nation!  There has never been a two year old scoring less than 200, and many scores are in the mid-to-upper 300’s, and there has been a scoring of over 500!  If you don’t want the hogs – – it’s no problem.  They are kept in a separate area and can be easily removed.  You can also run cattle.

A more detailed package of information and scheduling a tour is available to qualified buyers who have: signed the Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (the NDA), and provided proof of their financial ability to make an acquisition of the Ranch.  



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