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OCA identifies value drivers to increase your business value and its sellability.

Selling your business will likely be the single greatest wealth-building event of your life.
OCA brings sophisticated, fully-integrated expertise and proven-effective processes to every client engagement.
Our unique approach is proven to uncover and maximize the value in your business – and we’re guiding and advising you from valuation all the way through the closing of the transaction.

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We use a proprietary online, independent assessment that gives you an honest look at the value of your business right now.
Our assessment will help outline an exit plan to uncover or enhance elements of your business that maximizes your value for a sale and increases the appetite of buyers. We can also deploy proven strategies to increase your business value while also improving the quality and operations of your business, whether you’re ready to sell or not.
The business sale process starts with knowing what your business is worth, and there is no need to guess or remain curious.
      • You may simply want to know how much your business is worth if you choose to sell it.
      • You may be preparing for a partnership buyout.
      • You may be preparing your business for future exit.
      • You may even be facing other business, family or even personal issues that may require a valuation.
Now you can get a current valuation of what your business is worth in today’s market for discussion purposes, and it’s absolutely FREE, compliments of Oklahoma Corporate Acquisitions.
Our industry-leading team of business buying and selling experts have behind-the-scenes access to all of the latest and best valuation methods and tools available, plus they have their finger on the current pulse of the market.

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