Do You Want To Sell Your Business For Maximum Value?


Selling Your Business Will Likely Be The Single Greatest Wealth-Building Event Of Your Life

Our unique approach is proven to uncover and maximize the value in your business – and we’ll be guiding and advising you from valuation all the way through the closing of the transaction.  OCA helps you understand and position your business in the current market conditions, and identifies value drivers to increase your business value and its sellability.

OCA's Three Tiers of Services:

Full Intermediary/Broker Services - Transaction Management - Deal Coach

To better serve the specific needs of each deal or project, OCA offers three tiers of intermediary services that align with the Client’s goals and objectives to get their deal done. 

I Already Have A "Deal" - I Just Need Some Help!

OCA Deal Coach and Transaction Management

These OCA services apply to circumstances in which there is a deal already in process or identified. A common example would be when a Seller and Buyer have decided they have an interest in “doing a deal” together but need professional help to get the deal done. You can utilize the services as much or as little as you wish – so you control your costs. OCA allows you to be selective in the services you receive and limit the services you pay for, rather than having a commission based fee on the sale value you receive at closing such as in traditional full intermediary(broker) services and fees.

You Have Probably Already Asked Yourself... "What Is My Business Worth?" or "Is My Business Ready To Sell?"

OCA can provide you a current market valuation of what your business is worth so you can "intelligently" plan your exit with maximum value and optimal price and terms.

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