Are You Facing Divorce Or Litigation? Position Yourself To Win

OCA Business Valuations & Litigation Support

Business Valuation – Income Calculation – Contested Values – Litigation Support 

      • USPAP Business Valuations
      • Recalculate Business Value Due to COVID – 19
      • Calculate Income (Economic Income Value May Be Hidden)
      • Recalculate Change in Income Due to COVID – 19 or Other Reasons (Possibly Needed for Child Support or Alimony Purposes)
      • Expert Testimony for Settlements, Ncegotiations, or Litigation Support
      • Expert to Review, Question or Contest Values Presented To You From Others

Knowing The Marketable Business Value (Rather Than Speculating) Proves Useful in Divorce, Disputes, Mediation, Settlements, Estate Planning and Business Sales & Acquisitions.

Uncovering Additional Economic Income Value That Is Not Simply Payroll or Distributions, and Income Adjustments Due to a Variety of Reasons (like COVID – 19) Can Be Critical For Determining Alimony and Child Support Calculations and Ability To Pay.

If You Are Facing Divorce Or Litigation, Position Yourself To Win!

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What gives our Business Valuation opinions and conclusions their unique advantage is our proprietary “Feasibility System” that takes into consideration “real market” value conditions in addition to the typical value conclusions based on accounting, financial reports or data, usual theoretical values often embodied in valuations,  and general rules of thumb.

With over 30 years of experience providing business valuations, business sales, mergers & acquisitions, sourcing funds and investors, and business consulting, our ability to streamline and simplify a complex process makes it easier and less expensive for you, and increases your ability to achieve a better outcome.

If You Are Facing Divorce Or Litigation, Position Yourself To Win!

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