The Most Prepared Companies are the Most Valuable Companies

Discover Your Business Value in Today’s Market


Ultimately, the market determines value, and understanding the market and value of your company enables you to confidently make decisions about when is the right time to exit and how to position your company to achieve maximum value and optimal terms.

Our experience has taught us – and the market has proven – that the most prepared companies are the most valuable companies. We focus on making your company more attractive to buyers and lenders, and know which factors contribute to reaching a premium price and attractive terms.  Merely reviewing and “crunching numbers” from financial statements is not enough to provide a realistic picture of what a company is worth or the likelihood of a business sale being consummated.

We begin with the end in mind to help position your company for an optimal sale. Our goal is to help you maximize value and properly position yourself by viewing your company from the perspective of buyers, lenders and other advisors. We conduct an in-depth analysis to determine the feasibility of a business sale and anticipated market value. We review areas such as your company’s financial reporting, management team, operations, customer and vendor concentrations, potential buyer pools, growth opportunities, distribution channels, and many other additional value drivers.

We then offer suggestions and action steps designed to increase and drive market value when you are ready to exit.

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