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Choosing the Right M&A Advisor or Business Broker is the Most Import Decision of Your Journey.

Outlook for Buying and Selling A Business in 2021

Historically, it's either a Seller's or Buyer's market. But COVID-19 has changed the landscape and it is NOW A MARKET FOR BOTH!

The SBA has always provided banks with a 75% guaranty on loans, but for RIGHT NOW – the SBA GURANTEES 90%!

This “window of opportunity” for Sellers to exit with optimal price and terms may be limited. There is a pent up demand of buyers looking for a good business and temporarily they have easier access to funds.

This can increase a Seller’s sale price (supply / demand dynamic) while also providing more comfort to a buyer and lender that the business is stable.

YES, You Can Still Buy or Sell a Business in the Midst of the Pandemic!

RECENTLY SOLD! Aerospace Manufacturer

We recently closed on an aerospace manufacturing company that had some very unusual and unique challenges to a sale, and we had 81 Buyers inquiring about the opportunity! If you’ve had an interest in considering a sale (or an acquisition), call us today at 918-438-8218 without any obligation – You will be glad that you did.

Providing M&A Expertise and Business Brokerage For Over 30 Years

Buying or selling a business will likely be one of the greatest wealth-building vehicles or events of your life.
At OCA, we bring sophisticated, fully-integrated expertise and proven-effective processes to every client engagement. 
Our unique approach is proven to uncover and maximize the value in your business – from valuation through the closing of the transaction. We expertly guide you to maximize your business goals –  the best deal with the right seller and buyer in a timely manner.

OCA’s Three Tiers of Services:

Full Intermediary/Broker Services – Transactional Management – Deal Coach

To better serve the specific needs of each deal or project, OCA offers three tiers of intermediary services that align with the Client’s goals and objectives to get their deal done. 

Meet Your Dedicated Deal Team

Our approach is full-service. We do not introduce the parties and then abandon you. We carefully plan the course then execute from the earliest preparations through closing.